Re: Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 28 November 2000

> >  - I probably would still be nervous about ext3 on general principle,
> > but if Alan says it is OK, I trust him.
> I have 180Gig of disk on ide raid with ext3.

Without going into a lot of hand wringing on this.  Whats wrong with using

> >  - If somebody has a recommendation for a SCSI raid controller that
> >    is reliable and trouble-free to configure with Linux, and not
> >    horribly expensive, finding the means to purchase it shouldn't 
> >    be a problem.
> I can recommend several reliable ones but except for the older AMI
> Megaraid cards they are priced for 'enterprise customers'. Its not
> beyond the realm of possibility that a pair of 45Gig IBM ide disks (or
> 4x20 gig even more so) with an ide raid card will be both cheaper and
> faster than buying something like an ICP vortex or a DAC960.

Why not ask someone in the advisory committee to see if their company
would donate something?  I'm sure Sun, VA Linux, and RedHat  could cough
up something thats enterprise worthy.


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