Re: Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 28 November 2000

>  - I probably would still be nervous about ext3 on general principle,
> but if Alan says it is OK, I trust him.

I have 180Gig of disk on ide raid with ext3. 

>  - If somebody has a recommendation for a SCSI raid controller that
>    is reliable and trouble-free to configure with Linux, and not
>    horribly expensive, finding the means to purchase it shouldn't 
>    be a problem.

I can recommend several reliable ones but except for the older AMI Megaraid
cards they are priced for 'enterprise customers'. Its not beyond the realm
of possibility that a pair of 45Gig IBM ide disks (or 4x20 gig even more
so) with an ide raid card will be both cheaper and faster than buying something
like an ICP vortex or a DAC960.


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