Re: GNOME domain for Spain

Rodrigo Moya wrote:

> Of course, we won't do any of this unless it is going to be part of the
> GNOME project, and thus,
> approved by the foundation.
> So, what the foundation thinks about this?

Hi Rodrigo,

I think it's awesome that you guys are moving in this direction.  One of
the things that's been discussed (on this list?) is that we want to see
more regional GNOME organizing efforts.  So I think having a group of
people working on Spanish-language issues and on promoting GNOME in
Spanish-speaking countries is really awesome.  I think it'd be awesome if
the other language-specific GNOME sites were reinvigorated as well.  And of
course that shouldn't stop people from setting up GNOME organizations in
Europe, Asia, Latin America or wherever else there's a critical mass of
people who want to work on building a stronger GNOME community.

We're still working on the legal work around incorporating the
GNOME Foundation, but as soon as that's out of the way, I would love to see
if there's any way I can assist the people who wanted to organize a
sister-foundation in Europe.


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