Re: GNOME domain for Spain

Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo ulises openresources com> writes:

> Hi all!
> [first of all, just to tell you that the domain is now
> active]
> After the registration of the, we've been talking (some
> Spanish people involved
> in GNOME) about having a domain for GNOME in Spain.
> As I said the other day, is almost impossible to have, since in
> Spain, you've got
> to have a company or own the trademark to register a .es domain. So,
> we've been thinking
> about other domain to be used for the GNOME project in Spain (the most
> accurate being
> The idea for this domain would be, first of all, to have
> a way of getting more
> Spanish into GNOME, and then, provide a GNOME web site translated to
> Spanish.
> The people involved on this, very few at the moment, include Juantomas,
> who ran for the recent election for the GNOME foundation. But, we think
> that as soon as we make an announcement,
> we'll get more people involved on this, specially the people from the
> GNOME-ES team
> (the Spanish translation team), and other Spanish GNOME hackers.
> Of course, we won't do any of this unless it is going to be part of the
> GNOME project, and thus,
> approved by the foundation.
> So, what the foundation thinks about this?

We already have addresses:

And delegate:

So I don't think that there is any problem with I
think we can just go ahead and set it up.


Though our international sites do need some serious attention

Of the above sites, uk,tw,fr are outdated and more or less
broken mirrors of the old GNOME site. au,bg are completely unreachable. is a translation of the new site, except for the
text in images. is a translation of the new site, including the
images. But without the software map. is a mirror of the new site, without the software

There are plans to improve this situation as part of the gnome-web
revamp currently under discussion, but I don't know how fast
that will happen.


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