Re: Legal Schmegal

Yeah, we need to move forward on protecting our trademarks.  This is something
the board of the foundation needs to deal with.  I'll bring it up.


Jeff Waugh wrote:

> Hi all,
> I hate to be the one to bring up a dull issue such as this, but I was going
> over some old notes and remembered the whole Linux trademark kerfuffle that
> went on a few years ago...
>   Who owns the GNOME (or, er, Gnome) trademark? The logo?
> I looked for info about it on the website and could see nothing, but given
> that it's probably a G-F issue, I thought it should be covered here.
> I just wonder what we'd do if someone started spewing falsehoods and
> propaganda on or something equally daft. :)
> - Jeff
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