Re: What is GNOME office?

> It is inappropriate for the gnome foundation to dictate what is 'official'.
> It has no mandate for this. It is even more inappropriate if it tries to
> force people to contribute to projects that have non-free strings attached.

What do you mean?  GNOME Office will be a "release" of GNOME, in a way
very similar to the GNOME 1.4 extra apps releases.  Why shouldn't they
help decide (they can't dictate anything, really) what becomes GNOME
Office?  It certainly seems to be part of the charter the way that I've
read it.

> Certainly if the Gnome foundation is going to tell hackers to work on code
> that Sun require you dual license in a non free way to them I believe we should
> stop referring to it as a free software project and should disassociate from
> the FSF so that the truely free KDE project can instead be endorsed by them

Let's not put the horse before the cart.  Jody suggested that somebody
work on Gnumeric, not the foundation's board, and I haven't heard
anybody put forth suggestions that people go work on OpenOffice.  GNOME
is Free Software, before anything else, and this is upheld by the people
we've elected to the board.
Sun's membership on the Advisory thing isn't going to push us to
dual-license GNOME.  OpenOffice is dual licensed, but despite what the
media thinks, it's certainly not GNOME Office.  
That's probably enough ranting out of me,


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