Why you should vote for these people

MARTIN BAULIG - Come on, don't you love clicking "refresh" on gtop's
graphical memory map?

CHEMA CELORIO - He skydives!  He likes sushi!  He is not afraid to
drive to the other side of Mexico City!

KENNETH CHRISTIANSEN - This dude keeps his potfiles more up-to-date
than you do.

RHETT CREIGHTON - Two words: frog legs.

BART DECREM - This guy knows all the good restaurants in Palo Alto.
And he lent me his car!

MIGUEL DE ICAZA - Sus palabras son balas de paz, balas de justicia.

CHRISTOPHER GABRIEL - He has the prettiest-colored activity log.

JUANTOMAS GARCIA - How could you not love a soft-spoken Spaniard with
a knack for fonts?

JIM GETTYS - This guy knows what GrabModeSync means.  This guy *wrote*
what GrabModeSync does.  And he carries around the coolest gadgets.

BERTRAND GUIHENEUF - He keeps sensible hours!  He makes the best
grunting noises!  He wrote the only non-sucky mail library there is!

THOMPSON HAYNER - The proverbial good samaritan.

JOHN HEARD - This guy has donated more code to free softare than you.

JAMES HENSTRIDGE - James can code everything.  James has good taste.
James has the prettiest language binding for GNOME.

KEVIN KNERR - He does themes!  He does sawpplets!

TUOMAS KUOSMANEN - He drew a DUCK, damnit.  It's a DUCK.  It's not a
CHICKEN.  Chickens do not wear aviator goggles.

GEORGE LEBL - Engineers large mutant goats while drinking beer.

ELLIOT LEE - This guy writes funnier flames than yours.  And he braves
64-bit dual deluxe ostriches.

RAPH LEVIEN - He knows everything.  He is always right.  He is
hardcoded in the trust metric.

KJARTAN MARAAS - This dude will update a potfile faster than you can
type "_()".

MICHAEL MEEKS - He has the coolest accent.  He plays the violin.  He
engineers sex-crazed primates and knows how to properly finalize them.

DAN MUETH - This guy can organize more people than you.  By email.
While writing DocBook.  On two legs.

ESKIL HEYN OLSEN - He is not Danish impaired.  He has a cooler haircut
than yours.

HAVOC PENNINGTON - He wrote the book that all the hackers signed while
they were drunk over the Seine.

ETTORE PERAZZOLI - He undertands more Elio lyrics than I do.  His code
is Oh So Pretty(tm).

BRUCE PERENS - This guy knows more important people than you do.  He
also runs an electric fence rental facility.

LESLIE PROCTOR - She braved the expo crowds!  She did it all for love
of GNU!

FEDERICO MENA QUINTERO - This guy had his piano tuned yesterday.
*AND* he wrote the fifteen applet.

ARIEL RIOS - He listens to opera and writes in Scheme.  Better taste
cannot be found.

ARLO ROSE - He designed the Mac UI.  The Mac UI is cooler than your UI.

JOE SHAW - This guy knows which Linux distributions suck.  Airlines
mistook him for some Harold dude.

MACIEJ STACHOWIAK - He had the guts to scream at that obnoxiously loud
accordion player.

OWEN TAYLOR - He fiddles.  He knows everything.  He is always right.
He cooks a mean stir-fry.

DANIEL VEILLARD - He braves the W3C.  Need I say more?

I hope these comments will be useful in your decision for the GNOME
foundation board.



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