yet more propaganda

OK, since it seems everyone is posting about who they voted for and why,
here's my take on this.  Of course I'm posting this with the intent to
influence how others vote, I mean that's the whole purpose of this, thus
the conspiracy theorists are right, I am trying to sway the elections.
Also note that I suppose my voting is also biased towards people I know more.
I'd vote for other people, but there's only 11 slots.  My biggest complaint
with my choice of votes is the low amount of helix code people, so do take
that into consideration, I'll give the people I've almost voted for in the
end.  This way I won't piss them off too much.

OK, so instead of a list I give my thought process:

First of course there is Miguel de Icaza.  I don't think much needs to be
said, Miguel is still the guiding light of GNOME and a board is incocievable
without him.

Second there is Bart Decrem.  I think it is very important he is on the board
because of his organizational abilites.  He is also a nice guy, and cares
about GNOME.

Next is Jim Gettys.  I think his experience with large projects like these
and his experience in standards and design just makes it important to have
him on the board.

Another such person is Daniel Veillard.  One good thing about daniel is that
he isn't afraid to state his opinion (he's french), which should make the
meetings of the board much more fun (and productive of course).

Next, as most people have listed, Martin Baulig.  Martin is one of those
people that gets things done when they need to be done, and we need people
like that in the board.

James Henstrige, having done a lot of binding work, he knows what it takes
for the interface to be binding friendly.  It is important to have him here
because GF should also have some say in the "standardization" of the GNOME
platform and it is important to be binding friendly.

For reasons similar to the above I think it is important to have Owen Taylor
on the board.  Since Owen is very intimate with the design of GTK+ it is
important that he be on the board as GTK+ is the prime building block for
GNOME, and it is important that GNOME and GTK+ stay on the same course.

Now come the candidates I wan't absolutely sure of and thus feel free to
interchange them with others:

John Heard.  While I think it is important to have someone from the
OpenOffice team on the board, he is not the "essential" candidate from my
point of view.  But still important enough for me to vote for him.  We need
to build further cooperation between openoffice and gnome, and thus we need
to have the board be aware of these issues, and what better way to do this
then to have someone from the team on the board.  Also openoffice is a lot of
code and a large part of future gnome, so it's important that they have a

Havoc Pennington and Maciej Stachowiak are both in here as well for the fact
that I value their opinion.  Both are fairly vocal on the steercom which is
important for this I guess.  Not to mention that havoc did a bunch of
gnome-libs hacking and that always earns my trust :)

And of course me.  I mean why would I not vote for myself after nominating
myself.  If anyone finds any other reasons to vote for me, they should I

Anyway, there are a bunch of people I "almost" voted for.  These are
Federico, Elliot, Ettore, Kjartan, Dan Mueth, Michael Meeks, Raph, and
perhaps others.  They all represent important opinions and groups, but I just
couldn't fit them in my list somehow.

You could also vote for Eskil, but he'd beat me up if he'd known I told
people to do so, so don't.

So hopefully I haven't pissed off too many people by this, nor stroked
anyone's ego too much.  Now I will go and break my mailserver and thus flames
will probably not get through till friday :)


George <jirka 5z com>
   You have the right to food money providing of course you don't mind a little
   humiliation, investigation and if you cross your fingers rehabilitation.
                       -- The Clash

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