Re: Eleven good candidates

Mark Galassi <rosalia galassi org> writes: 
> I agree that it is premature to give so much weight to the Sun guys.
> Sun has already bought in, so we don't need to do inappropriate
> wooing.

It isn't wooing - this isn't to kiss Sun's ass or something. It's to
be sure Sun's help is going toward the goals we're interested in.

When companies acquire other companies, they usually cross-promote
management extensively and spend tons of time on organizational
integration. We don't have that much organization to integrate, but we
should take the problem of merging two large devel teams pretty
seriously, because it's a serious problem. We need OpenOffice and the
Sun desktop team to be working toward GNOME goals as part of the GNOME
Project, not toward some random thing they make up in isolation.

MHO only, of course, just want to clarify the reasons for it.


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