Re: Eleven good candidates

Owen Taylor wrote:

>  John Heard
>    ... having John on the  board will be a
>    great help in getting us over one of the biggest hurdles we'll
>    face in the next year - integrating the work of the engineers
>    at Sun into GNOME.


> There are also a lot of candidates that also would be fine board
> members that I couldn't fit onto the list above. For example,
> I'd like to put a word for Elliot Lee.

I personally hope that you are in the minority on this opinion.  I have
never met or interacted with, nor do I have an opinion whatsoever as to
John Heard's skills, commitment to free software, or commitment to Gnome
for that matter.  I see this as a strong reason for me *not* to vote for
him.  To see his corporate affiliation place him ahead of the like of
Elliot Lee is puzzling to me.

I'm personally hoping that voters will cast their ballots based on what
people have demonstrated to the community.  If a year from now, John has
demonstrated his leadership and commitment to Gnome by facilitating the
seemless integration of the Sun hackers into Gnome, I will consider
casting a ballot for him.  But not this year.


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