Re: Some comments

"Almer S. Tigelaar" wrote:

> True, but even if there is a gnome foundation, companies will still
> 'be able' to do this. It is just not very smart if a company does this.

But they won't need to, since there'll be a body they can talk to in

> Even though I agree with you partially, I do think we need to define
> these occasions more clearly in the final document. (Put some border
> as to what is considered to be allowed when it comes to confidentiality
> and what is not). Everyone's view on what "certain ocassions" are
> differ.

I don't think that's practically do-able.  I think the best thing to do is to
say that those occasions should be kept to an absolute minimum and that the
board should always try to conduct all business in the open.  Probably the
minutes from each meeting should stipulate if anything confidential was
discussed.  Then, if we start noticing that there's ALWAYS confidential
discussions going on, we can ask the board to explain why there's so much
hush-hush stuff going around.   And if they don't have a good explanation, we
can fire them.


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