Re: election plans

Bart Decrem <> writes:

> Hi everyone,
> I like the idea of fast tracking this so that we'd have an actual board
> by August 1.   A couple of things that need to get done if we want to
> have elections quickly:
> 1- Posting a list of all the members of the Gnome community ASAP so
> people can ask to be added to that list.  I think the Steering Committee
> has already OK'd this idea, and I think we had two volunteers to take
> the lead on this.  So let's post the first draft of that list and get
> other folks to add themselves.

The list has already been started; it's in the gnome-foundation module
in CVS as membership.txt, and available on the web at this link:

Would it be useful to publicize this more widely?

By the way, so far, no one has been added to this list without either
putting themselves on, or specifically requesting to be put on. I
guess this is a sensible policy, but quite a few people who (IMO)
should be members are not on the list yet. Would it be appropriate to
more actively invite specific people?

 - Maciej

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