Re: election plans

Rusty Conover <> writes:

> What about just using snail mail to some neutral address? 

That'd require everyone to go to the post office etc.

Personally, I tend to only write snail mail under the following
three conditions:

a) it's really, really, really important to do so
b) I have an envelope handy
c) I have a stamp handy

If either b) or c) fails it may already take weeks to get a snail
mail from me.

So we may risk that people don't go to vote just 'cause they're too
lazy to do it.

And we also have the problem how to find out whether someone has
voting rights or not. Since I think that it's much easier to write
any name as sender on a letter and bring it to the next mail box.

Remember that it doesn't help at all if people need to sign the
letters since we'd need to have signatures from all people first so
we can check whether they're correct or not.

That's why people doing elections by snail mail usually get some
special ballot from the election office which has some kind of seal
on it.

But sending out such stuff would cost us a lot of money.

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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