Re: election plans

> > I don't like this "public" vote very much.
> I think having secret elections is a can of worms.  You would have to get a
> third independent entity conducting or overseeing the voting process.  You
> want to make sure that people can't suspect any "cheating".

And a secret vote is a logistical nightmare. I would much rather be able
to send mail to a list that is archived with my vote than having to do all
this GPG signing and finding and getting an independent third party.

I don't think that anyone is going to give anyone else a hard time for why
they vote the way they do. They -do- have a reason for voting that way.

> With public votes, it is almost impossible to cheat, and at least not in a
> major way.  Not to mention that I doubt people have to be afraid for being
> stalked, tortured and killed by the GNOME Secret Police because of the choice
> they made in the elections.



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