Re: Initial slate

Bart Decrem <> writes:

> I also think it is very important to have one or two really strong
> process people on the board: people who are going to be great meeting
> facilitators, and who are going to keep an eye on keeping the group
> functioning as an effective team.  And so it's also important to have
> personalities that balance each other out.  For example, you don't
> want 3 people with corporate affiliations who are really vocal, and
> then a bunch of folks without corporate affiliations who are shy and
> are very quiet.  The net effect then is that there's too much
> corporate influence.

Hi Bart,

Yes, that's really a very good point.

> Yesterday, I sent a recommendation to the current steering committee
> that they make a little committee of 3 people or so to try to take all
> these constraints and put together an initial slate that would be
> proposed by the steering committee.  I think that's probably the
> cleanest way to proceed.  Although I think there's nothing wrong with
> having competing slates.  So if there's a group of people on this list
> who feel strongly that the slate shouldn't come from the steering
> committee, than those people might work together to propose an
> alternate slate.

Well, I think it's important to let the steering committee put together
at least one initial slate.

Currently the steering committee basically has all the "power" in the
GNOME project which the board will later have, so it's good to have
them nominate their "successors".

However, I think there should be at least one slate not coming from
the steering committee.

Some people were already concerned about the steering committee having
too much power months before we started all the discussion about the
foundation and they may feel bad if only the steercom nominates all
the slates.

So this'll give us at least two slates.

Also, I think all parties who put together such a slate should do this
independently from each other to have really alternative slates.

This means that when the steercom puts together its slate, they should
not talk about it until they're done with it.

And I need some people who help me updating my a)-h) list and putting
together an alternate slate which is based on it.

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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