Re: Initial slate

Havoc Pennington <> writes:

> > b) the release coordinator(s) of the next GNOME release
> >    (counting as one person) [Jacob,Maciej]
> Most people will be on the board during two or three or more releases,
> and ideally we won't have the same coordinators for all releases.


Well, then we should try to arrange it in a way that the release
coordinators of all that releases are one the board anyways for some
other reasons (for instance because of c)).

> > c) at least three "core GNOME hackers" [...]

> > Now let's add some more constraints:
> > 
> > i)   at least 2 people from Helix Code, but at most 3
> > ii)  at least 2 people from Eazel
> > iii) at least 2 people from Red Hat
> > iv)  at most  1 person from another company
> > v)   at lesat 2 people without corporate affiliation
> Someone from Sun would be good I think; they've contributed all the
> StarOffice code and look to be major players in GNOME Office. I think
> the steering committee would like to recommend that someone from Sun
> be on the board (though we haven't voted on that recommendation or
> anything, just my impression).

Oh, yes. I really forgot them.

> > Let's think about this and when we all agree about a)-h) at
> > least for the initial slate, we can start filling up the
> > remaining square brackets with people.
> >
> Your a)-h) look pretty good to me (except b)), it's going to be hard
> to meet all the criteria though!

Well, I think it's easier to meet a)-h) first - so we should select
people according to a)-h) and then look at i)-v).

It would be nice to meet i)-v) but I'd consider a)-h) more important
(except maybe v)).

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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