gnucash/gnumatic introduction

Maciej recently sent an "open letter" to the gnucash-devel mailing
list to invite participation in the GNOME Foundation discussion.  I'm
here as a gnucash developer and a representative of Gnumatic, the
corporate sponsor of gnucash (almost all of the core gnucash
developers are Gnumatic employees).

I have only briefly browsed the list archives and I'll probably be
keeping my mouth shut until I get a better feel for what's going on
around here.  It seems like (from what I've seen in the archives)
things are shaping up pretty nicely.

At least one post I saw mentioned LWE as a possible "rollout date" for
the Foundation mission statement.  Gnumatic will be there under the
umbrella of our VC and we are interested in meeting any of the Gnome
folks who are going to be there.

Bill Gribble

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