Re: second draft of Charter for Foundation

Bart Decrem <> writes:

> It is very likely that there are other duties which are appropriate and
> necessary for the foundation to undertake; if so, they should be
> mentioned explicitly, to avoid confusion later.

I'd like to add something like the following:


As official part of the GNU project we encourage people to assign all
their copyrights to the FSF. However, if some party feels uncomfortable
with this, copyrights can also be assigned to "the GNOME Project".
In this case, the foundation will legally hold the copyright on behalf
of the project.

[Reword this paragraph in a way that it states that we neither "force"
 nor push people to assign their copyrights to the FSF/GF. It should
 only apply if people basically are willing to assign the copyright to
 the FSF but feel uncomfortable with this for some reason.]

Owner of "legal entities" such as domain names, copyrights etc.

The foundation may hold legal entities such as domain names, trade marks,
copyrights etc. on behalf of the GNOME project.

[or something like this]

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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