Re: second draft of Charter for Foundation (Needs reorganization) (Jim Gettys) writes:

> If things aren't organized this way, we may find that modifications to
> the processes found unworkable by experience are somewhere to between
> difficult and impossible.  For example, the rules on voting (I've
> already commented on why I believe voting should be the process of
> last resort) may be found to be, in practice, impossible (getting
> quorum in the small town I live in can be a challenge for the town
> meetings).  As I understand things (not well), changing the basic
> rules of an organization after incorporation gets much harder.

Well, my knowledge about such legal details is really very limited
(better to say, it does not exist at all), so let me ask this question
and I it's also an important point we need to think about:

It looks to me that creating this foundation is rather "easy" - once
we finished all the documents and we all (or most of us) agreed on them,
the foundation will be incorporated by some kind of "magic" (which some
people may also call a legal process).

So when we have the foundation created, how difficult is it to

a) change some things which are written in the bylaws
b) throw away all of the charter and rewrite it from scratch
c) get rid of the foundation and create a new one because
   neither a) nor b) worked


Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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