Re: What is GNOME?

Alan Cox <> writes:

> >  - if you want to be a member, you just ask, and the steering
> >committee rubber-stamp approves it if they see any evidence of
> >participation in GNOME - if you want to be a member you have to have
> >work included in a GNOME release
> Suggestion #3,
> 	Have a list for the discussion of the foundations
> matters. Anyone who has been active[1] on that list for 2 of the last
> 3 months gets to vote.  I figure if you arent on that list you arent
> qualified to judge the situation.

I don't like this idea very much. Compare it to normal political elections,
for instance.

Politics does not always happen on mailing lists and a person can be very
well informed about the political situation and also "active" (for instance
by talking with friends, in family, etc.) in politics without being active
on such a mailing list.

So basically you'd deny all people who prefer to get informed by some other
means than this list about foundation politics of their voting rights.

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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