Re: Fwd: Draft of Proposal for the GNOME Foundation.

> But remember, this is all (at least, in my proposal) part of a virtual
> global entity.  I don't see why it would be subject to any of these
> laws.

The US arm is and any money so raised. Likewise the EU arm is subject to tight
data protection law and controls on its money. Law tends to follow the money
which is another reason for technical bodies to have none

	-	They arent worth sueing
	-	They are harder to threaten  - no 'We'll withold our payment'
	-	They arent tangled in the legalities of donations and 
		valid use

If its a non entity money wise then its only obvious entanglement is 
cartel/monopoly issues. I'd rather not have people thinking 'but a 4 week
delay like the gtk+ team want means XYZ vendor misses their gold cd deadline
and they'll pull out $12K of funding' when making decisions about code


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