Re: Draft of Proposal for the GNOME Foundation.

> Of course it appears you already posted to gnome-list, which is really
> damn annoying. That means we now have 2500 random users that know
> about this list. 

The GNOME project was announced on gimp-list, it was announced on
gnu.misc.discuss, gnu.announce, comp.os.linux.announce, the guile
mailing list, and CCed to various individuals.

And the result was very good.  This is not a cathedral project Havoc.

> This should have at least been discussed before you
> did it, because there was agreement previously not to post there.
> Come on, at least post to gnome-devel-list instead of gnome-list.
> This is not a foundation for users.

gnome-list was the GNOME mailing list.  Whatever that meant.  It was
where all the original development took place, the chater for
gnome-devel-list is to discuss the development of GNOME applications,
but gnome-list never was labeled as `the users list' as far as I can

> You should have at least waited for a consensus proposal from all of
> us.

You should at least have waited for a concensus from all of us to
close the list hosted at


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