Re: What is GNOME?

Alan Cox <> writes:

> > 2.  If you're not on Gnome-Hackers and want to be a member, send email to a
> > nominating committee and they'll decide if you have made 'significant
> > contributions to Gnome'
> Ah self perpetuating Oligarchy. Another fairly inefficient and extremely
> corrupt political system that lost favour, paticularly in France ;)

Many not-for-profit organizations operate as, essentially,
self-perpetuating oligarchy - new directors are elected by the board
itself when one departs, in many cases. It works because governance !=

I don't know if I like gnome-hackers as the standard, since membership
in gnome-hackers has so far been fairly arbitrary (I know the gtk--
maintainer was not on it for a while, for instance, even though gtk--
is the GNOME-official C++ binding, insofar as we have one, and I know
there are people on it who are not direct GNOME contributors at all).

 - Maciej

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