Re: The role of LWE San Jose

Alan Cox <> writes:

> Given the date looming for announcing the foundation (and Im very sad
> this is being done at a trade show not a free software show) how about
> putting it together as the US gnome foundation and figuring the
> international relationship out after we have that and we have the
> first non US gnome foundation in place so we know what the world
> really looks like ?

Well, basically we only have 3 weeks left until LWE to get _everything_
done and to announce it.

So what about waiting until Atlanta Linux Showcase in October ?

This is a free software show where most GNOME hackers will be and it'll
also give us enough time to think about it.

It'll also give us enough time to think about the EU GNOME Foundation
and maybe other regional ones.

Btw. the next really big show in Europe is LinuxTag 2001 (in one year
minus two weeks) since we just missed LinuxTag.

The next bigger "hacker meeting" is Linux Conference Erlangen (somewhere
in September) and The Bazaar in Prag (November).

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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