Re: Membership

Martin Baulig wrote:
> "David C. Mason" <> writes:
> > We can assume that the spare time worker believes in the "spirit"? How
> > so? Maybe he/she just wants a new irc client and it took them 500
> > hours to write it. And just because I get paid for my work I don't
> > believe in the spirit? Or am I more likely not to?
> Aren't most people who're working in their spare time on end-user
> application just doing this 'cause they're interested in this
> particular application ?
The problem is that there are just too many corner cases to cover.
If we agree on a set of prerequisites someone has to satisfy to
become a member these will probably never cover all cases anyway.
This makes it neccesary to continuously monitor the amount of 
work each hacker puts in. In addition to this we'll have to agree
on a scale of points one achieves for work on specific modules or
projects, etc, etc. This is a huge overhead that definitely isn't
the reason for getting a foundation assembled. The reason this is
needed is that we need a body that can take care of the _already
existing_ tasks that are not and can not best be done by the hackers
themselves, or am I missing something here?

> However, if you're working several hours in your spare time on
> "core GNOME" (whatever this'll be) then I think it's more likely
> that you also feel some kind of association with GNOME.
This is of course a very dynamic situation and is also different
for each contributor. People start out with something simple and
move on to other things, or not.....

> Of cause there may be company-hired people who believe in the
> spirit - but I think in this case we can treat them the same as
> people who're working in their spare time.
Maybe we need a list of things to be agreed on and also discuss
which issues should be solved first? Some of the topics here will
definitely impact on other issues depending on what we decide for
a specific matter.

The problem is coming up with a scheme that either doesn't 
differentiate, or if it does, doesn't come with a huge overhead.

This makes my head spin.... :)


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