Re: Membership

Martin Baulig <> writes:

> * If someone is working in his spare time and spending hours and hours
>   on GNOME, then I think we can assume that he believes enough in
>   Free Software and the "spirit" of the GNOME project so that he can
>   become a member automatically after some time.
> * If someone is just working for a company, he can easily get 500
>   working hours with GNOME stuff - but maybe he's just doing all this
>   stuff 'cause he's payed for it so we may not want him to be a
>   member.
> So we cannot just use the amount of work as a criteria.

When can we assume anything? 

We can assume that the spare time worker believes in the "spirit"? How
so? Maybe he/she just wants a new irc client and it took them 500
hours to write it. And just because I get paid for my work I don't
believe in the spirit? Or am I more likely not to? 

Either way you draw the line you are generalizing - and that is one
problem we are trying to overcome.


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