Re: Membership

"David C. Mason" <> writes:

> We can assume that the spare time worker believes in the "spirit"? How
> so? Maybe he/she just wants a new irc client and it took them 500
> hours to write it. And just because I get paid for my work I don't
> believe in the spirit? Or am I more likely not to? 

Aren't most people who're working in their spare time on end-user
application just doing this 'cause they're interested in this
particular application ?

However, if you're working several hours in your spare time on
"core GNOME" (whatever this'll be) then I think it's more likely
that you also feel some kind of association with GNOME.

Of cause there may be company-hired people who believe in the
spirit - but I think in this case we can treat them the same as
people who're working in their spare time.

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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