Re: Planning releases

Havoc Pennington <> writes: 
> So, how about these points in the bylaws:

Let's add:
 8. The board will meet once every two weeks (unless some circumstance 
    prevents it). These meetings need not be in person, they can be
    via phone or electronic means. The board can decide to 
    cancel a meeting if it has no business to conduct.
 9. The board will meet in person X number of times per year (I think 
    nonprofit rules require at least one in-person meeting per year)
 10. Members of the board should somehow be required to attend 
     most of the meetings; perhaps if a certain number of meetings are 
     missed, the member must resign. (How do most organizations handle 
 11. Minutes of board meetings will be accessible to all members of 
     the foundation; but the minutes may be edited to remove
     confidential material.



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