Run Gnome -- On Windows (fwd)

And of course, three minutes after making my post, I see this.  All I can
say is, cool, I hope the Gnome Foundation supports this whenever/wherever
possible, and figures out a way to use the native Win32 calls where
possible instead of X (requiring an X server, most of which are really
slow on Windows) and Posix.  Especially since U/Win is not free software.


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Posted by: timothy, on 2000-12-09 14:37:26 EDT
Dept: wear-chainmail-and-silk, topic: GNOME

   [1]Charles Northrup (followed by many others) writes: "After a long
   battle with the POSIX.DLL from AT&T's U/WIN, we finally have
   recompiled over 4 million lines of code for the [2]Gnome Desktop
   running on Windows. We had to change just under 100 lines to do this.
   Amazingly, the recompilation of Gnome only took 1.5 weeks. Then we had
   to spend the next 3 months working on the 47,000 line POSIX.DLL to get
   Gnome working." Here are [3]some screenshots of this odd hybrid,
   pointed to by reader dimator. (Northrup invites e-mailed comments and
   questions, too.) And [4]jumbolo points out the [5]discussion about
   this at [6]The GNOME Project's Gnotices site.


   1. mailto:cjn gtlinc com
   4. mailto:idontwannabespanned really org

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