Re: Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 12 December 2000

I assume comments on the board actions are welcome so here goes ( not
some thing I intend for every minutes).  I hope so, this is why we
signed up as members I think.  

> Decisions:
> ==========
>    - unless clear and quick proof of existing progress get a new set of
>      layers to start the Gnome Foundation incorporation.

First a question; What is meant by layers in these minutes?  Could it be

> - what to say to the AbiWord and other office hackers people about the
>   office suite
>   + we have in the past replaced applications with better versions
>   + there is no exclusivity about office software in Gnome, multiple
>     Office may actually fits different needs.

Yes, while Abiword has been slow to deveope (and is not a specific GNOME
app), I would like to see them behave like the Balsa project.  I imagine
the star/open/gnome office thing will be to abiword/gnumeric as
Evolution will be to Balsa.

The Balsa team desrve a standing ovation I feel, I know that if I was on
the team I would have quietly dropped out in the face of evolution yet
they have moved on and reaced the Magic 1.0.  Good work there, I am
impresed, and believe there is room for Balsa and Evolution...

The thing is I don't want to see the Abiword and Gnumeric projects stop,
and I really want to see the Gimp and (what is the current GNOME vector
gfx app? sodi???or??this??that??other???name) go ape!.  But I do want
the star/open office fully GNOMEified tomorrow if not yesterday. Gready

Also, my personal need it now is a MS Access like front end to
PostgreSQL and MySQL (I feel making yet another DB is pointless, just
make areally cool interface).  How is the GNOME foundation going to
boost the development of software.  This comes right back to the Abiword
question I feel. 

> - incorporation; need to see this move, what do we do about it

Yes, time is marching on.

>   limit of approx. 100 is unclear, is that based on funding, space, ...

Sorry, I have not enough funding for my own family ;o)

Any way.  Thanks for the time and effort you are putting in.  I hope you enjoy it...


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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