Re: Project Hosting [Was Re: Minutes of the GNOME ...]

> Actually this mailing list is a very good place to
> discuss these issues (general GNOME issues that are
> not technical and are the matters for the foundation
> to take up, like project hosting).  Gnome-hacker is
> not a public list and most people don't have access to
> it, and since there is no public archive no one knows
> what the hack is discussed there.  This list is used
> for the GNOME community to voice their opinions over
> matters that do not belong to other public GNOME
> lists.

As I understand it, that is no longer the case: Martin, in 
particular, has recently gone to a lot of effort to open 
gnome-hackers up, with a new gnome-private list existing to handle 
the occasional truly confidential item.

> (I am not arguing that gnome-hacker should be opened
> up.  The people there probably have good reasons to
> keep it closed and that is fine.  Just general GNOME
> matters should be discussed in the appropriate public
> lists, in the spirit of Free Software/Open Source
> development)

No argument, except that my understanding was that the "new" 
gnome-hackers was designed for exactly this type of discussion.  The 
only argument I can think of is that we want to separate this 
discussion from technical discussion on g-h, but I don't think that's 
a necessary distinction.


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