Re: Project Hosting [Was Re: Minutes of the GNOME ...]

Actually this mailing list is a very good place to
discuss these issues (general GNOME issues that are
not technical and are the matters for the foundation
to take up, like project hosting).  Gnome-hacker is
not a public list and most people don't have access to
it, and since there is no public archive no one knows
what the hack is discussed there.  This list is used
for the GNOME community to voice their opinions over
matters that do not belong to other public GNOME

(I am not arguing that gnome-hacker should be opened
up.  The people there probably have good reasons to
keep it closed and that is fine.  Just general GNOME
matters should be discussed in the appropriate public
lists, in the spirit of Free Software/Open Source
--- Russell Steinthal <rms39 columbia edu> wrote:
> Although I have some thoughts about the merits of
> this proposal, I'd 
> like to make a meta-point instead: isn't this more
> properly a 
> gnome-hackers discussion, rather than a
> foundation-list one?
> Since Board minutes are sent to foundation-list, it
> has recently had 
> a tendency to become a substitute for
> gnome-{hackers, private} for 
> general policy discussions, which it probably
> shouldn't be (even 
> though the eventual decision may be made/ratified by
> the Board).
> Just a thought.
> -Russell

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