Re: Project Hosting [Was Re: Minutes of the GNOME ...]


I propose that we limit main GNOME CVS to relatively "core" projects
(define this roughly as the GNOME desktop release, the GNOME extra
apps release (?), and GNOME Office, plus stuff that's already in CVS).

For other things, we could set up a different server running the
sourceforge or tigris or software, or suggest
sourceforge itself.

Maintaining a general-purpose hosting infrastructure is a lot of
work. it requires things like ACLs; it requires maintenance of bug
tracking, web hosting, ftp, etc. for all the projects. If we're going
to do that we should get a separate machine with the software that
supports it. 

At the same time, there were many reasons given at the board meeting
why moving main GNOME CVS to this generic hosting software wouldn't be
a good idea, and they seemed to be good reasons. (Basically it would
be very painful to move to such a framework, and we'd have
to heavily customize the framework anyway.) Also, the core GNOME team
seems unhappy with the idea of ACLs etc. Basically we want to have
close admin control over

So why not have two machines; current for core projects, and
an alternative host that anyone writing gfoo can quickly get set up
on. The alternative host could just be sourceforge, or we could ask VA
for a special box running sourceforge software calls or something, or we could plop a box running some
of this software at the RH colocation site. Lots of options.

I would like to see maintenance of come from
outside the current admin team, so Martin and Owen can worry about
bugzilla etc. for core GNOME instead of setting up this other site or
adding ACLs to current


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