Re: [Panel for next LWCE in New York...]

Actually, thinking more about it, I wonder at my own role as moderator. It
should be someone closer to the proejct. Any takers?


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On 21 Aug 2000, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:

> Chris DiBona <> writes:
> > Don't read so much into this, I just want to put together something to let
> > people know where gnome is going.
> > 
> > Also, I hate to say it , but have you looked where a huge number of gnome
> > hackers work nowadays? Red Hat, Helix, Eazel. 
> While this is true, GNOME is nontheless a community project. It's
> certainly not the case that only hackers who work for these companies
> are relevant. Your implied suggestion below of picking people by
> company could be taken as kind of offensive in this light.
> > Anyhow, the point is, I want a good panel to talk , authoritatively,
> > on where gnome is going, Miguel should be on it, as should nat, now
> > someone technical from Eazel should be on it too, who else? Owen Taylor? 
> While I'm sure Nat could give a lot of information about Helix Code's
> business direction, I don't think he has too much special insight into
> the plans for the foundation, or the technical direction of GNOME,
> because recently he has been involved in these things principally in
> his capacity as President of Helix Code, not as a GNOME hacker. This
> is not intended as any slight to Nat - it's just that being an
> authority on his business doesn't necessarily make him an autority on
> GNOME. I wouldn't suggest Mike Boich or Matthew Szulik for this panel
> either.
> > Just give me names, don't be so sensitive, I have no intention of
> > shuitting people out.
> The relations between corporations and the community are a sensitive
> issue right now for GNOME. Read the FUD on for
> instance. If you're going to step in a minefiled, step carefully. :-)
> I already posted a generous list of names, FWIW. Picking a balanced
> list from those names should not be hard. I can give you info on
> project and (where applicable) corporate affiliations for those
> people, if you think that would help.
>  - Maciej
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