Re: Membership dues [ was: Re: Advisory Board Letter ]

Sorry, I should have been clear, I meant that when it comes to all thing
"gnome foundation" I am the contact, so you guys don't ahve to worry about
contacting other people here. Just tell me what you need and  I'll get it. 

VA prefers to be in a press release with the otehr members ofthe
foundation, and I personally think that is the right way to do this. We
are all showing our support for the future of gnome through the creation
of the foundation, and being noted in the main press  release should be
more than enough for us. 

That said, let me know if you need a larry quote, do you have the text of
the announcement? 


Linux Community Evangelist, VA Linux Systems  
President, Silicon Valley Linux Users Group     
Grant Chair, Linux International.                  
Co-editor, Open Sources	                       

On 3 Aug 2000, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:

> Chris DiBona <> writes:
> > No, I'll handle all press and such concerning VA's connection with the
> > Gnome foundation.
> > 
> Does that mean you don't want VA listed in the overall joint press
> release, or you don't want to have a quote in the joint press release,
> or you don't want to participate in the press conference? These are
> the kinds of things we are trying to coordinate on the list. It's OK
> for VA to put out a separate press release as well.
>  - Maciej

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