[fdn-ann] thank you everyone

Hello all - We'll be rounding up the coverage and sending it out to this 
alias as we see it.  This is our favorite of the moment, from today's 

Stocks tied to upstart Linux operating system were back in favor, as the 
LinuxWorld Conference and Expo begins in San Jose, Calif. Analyst Richard 
Sherlund of Goldman Sachs said the most significant announcement is likely 
to be the formation of the Gnome Foundation, which will promote Gnome 
software as a common graphical desktop user interface for Linux that is 
similar to Windows. Shares of Linux distributor Red Hat (RHAT17) rose 9% to 
$21.81 and VA Linux (LNUX18), a maker of Linux-based computers, gained 5% 
to $42.

May the good spirits behind this event be just the beginning of more 
remarkable things to come.

Thanks everyone for your patience in working with us.  It was great fun to 
be part of this momentous announcement.

All the best,
Barb, Cecile, Erica and Mike

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