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>Publication: Computergram International
>Issue Date: August 15, 2000 Issue Number: 3976
>Unix Giants Back Single Desktop Framework for Linux
>Linux loyalists and major vendors will use today's LinuxWorld Expo
>and Conference to announce the Gnome Foundation that will drive
>development of a Linux desktop and productivity software it claims
>will compete with Microsoft Corp's popular Office suite within a
>The Gnome Foundation will coordinate development work of Linux
>developers including Red Hat Inc and VA Linux Systems Inc with that
>of Unix giants Compaq Computer Corp, IBM Corp and Sun Microsystems
>Inc via a newly created Gnome Advisory Board. Linux has so far been
>hindered on the desktop by lack of a viable interface and
>productivity applications.
>Other Gnome backers are Eazel, Free Software Foundation, Gnumatic,
>Helix Code and Henzai. The companies plan to develop a suite of
>desktop and productivity software sharing the same look and ease of
>use, and which offers features like mail, calendar, file management
>and bridge into the COM and Corba environments.
>Applications from Sun's StarOffice suite will also be included in
>the framework, as will Netscape's Mozilla browser. Gnome plans to
>develop using the Bonbono component project, which StarOffice must
>now be migrated to, and GTK tool kit.
>Miguel de Icaza, Gnome project founder, said the foundation would
>set the technical direction of the Gnome project and promote broader
>adoption of Gnome. He said applications developed under the framework
>would challenge Microsoft because the open source nature of Gnome
>means developers can add new features, such as a Reuters feed.
>Gnome's work will also appear on existing versions of Unix. Sun
>revealed yesterday, ahead of the formal Linux World Conference and
>Expo, it would adopt the Gnome desktop for Solaris, ending its
>eight-year support for the CDE desktop. Sun said this desktop, also
>shared by IBM's AIX and HP's UX, is dated and Gnome would offer new,
>easy-to-use features and robustness.
>Marco Boerries, Sun vice president and general manager for web top
>application software, said: "This [Gnome framework] addresses
>the weakness of Linux and Unix, where there was neither a compelling
>desktop environment or structure. You need a modern user interface
>and integration with key competitive productivity solutions."
>A key hindrance to Unix in its fight against Windows has been the
>unfriendly interface. With Microsoft's Windows 2000 Datacenter Server
>set to ship next month, any improvement to the Unix interface would
>be welcomed. Boerries said existing Solaris applications would be
>able to work under the new interface. The ability to use existing
>applications would assist Gnome on Solaris, but Gnome on Linux
>remains threatened unless the Foundation can successfully drive
>development and reverse a lack of applications for the desktop.

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