Re: [fdn-ann] thank you everyone

Hi Barbara, Cecile, and everyone else,

THANK YOU so much for all you work on this!  I think the event was a
tremendous success, as witnessed by comments I got from GNOME hackers AND
corporate partners.  And, of course, the press coverage has been great.

Barbara: could you maintain a list of URLs of stories about the announcement?
I will then post them on a web page - so we'll have one page with all the
stories on them.


Barbara Heffner wrote:

> Hello all - We'll be rounding up the coverage and sending it out to this
> alias as we see it.  This is our favorite of the moment, from today's
> Stocks tied to upstart Linux operating system were back in favor, as the
> LinuxWorld Conference and Expo begins in San Jose, Calif. Analyst Richard
> Sherlund of Goldman Sachs said the most significant announcement is likely
> to be the formation of the Gnome Foundation, which will promote Gnome
> software as a common graphical desktop user interface for Linux that is
> similar to Windows. Shares of Linux distributor Red Hat (RHAT17) rose 9% to
> $21.81 and VA Linux (LNUX18), a maker of Linux-based computers, gained 5%
> to $42.
> May the good spirits behind this event be just the beginning of more
> remarkable things to come.
> Thanks everyone for your patience in working with us.  It was great fun to
> be part of this momentous announcement.
> All the best,
> Barb, Cecile, Erica and Mike
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> Waltham, Mass.  02451
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