Re: [fdn-ann] second press release, final draft

Bart Decrem <> writes:

> "GNOME is receiving a tremendous boost in terms of support, backing and
> commitment for contribution and improvements.  GNOME is now well
> positioned to be the next generation user environment, uniting the
> existing Linux and Unix communities," said Miguel de Icaza, founder of

UNIX is all caps

> GnuCash will provide graphing and financial data handling
> infrastructure.

This should be Gnumatic not GnuCash 
> Red Hat will provide an object-oriented widget framework, CORBA, an OMG
> industry standard, support for distributed software, lay-out and
> rendering of internationalized text and configuration management
> technology.

If Melissa agrees I would like to see something more like "Red Hat
will provide the foundation libraries at the base of the GNOME
platform, including the GTK+ toolkit, a CORBA implementation (CORBA is
an OMG standard), rendering and manipulation of international text,
enhanced C++ support, support for GTK+ on embedded systems, and
advanced distributed configuration management technology. Red Hat also
contributes to the development of the Mozilla web browser." Or
something like that that sounds a lot better than the current

Probably too late to change...


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