Re: [fdn-ann] Re: GNOME MEDIA ADVISORY seems to be going beyond original plans

It's been rumoured that Miguel de Icaza said:
> Taking the input of everyone, I have fixed up the points of
> discussion for the press conference:

Sounds good to me.

>  	2. Eazel, Helix, Red Hat and Sun (Gnumatic?  Confirmation?)
>            commit to work on the integration of GNOME components, Open
>            Office and GNOME Office.

Gnumatic: I don't know how you want to spin this, so I'll just blurt out
the facts:  Gnumatic is sponsoring guppi (the charting/graphing
componenent), and may sponsor or co-develop a few more components 
as per our list of priorities on getting the financial app out. 

Currently, I'm under-staffed to do the things I want to do, so 
a generic 'we'll integrate it all' is beyond my reach.  Of course,
I'm open to a sales pitch as to why I should try to take this on anyway.
If this is important, then 512-507-9077 cell phone.


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