[fdn-ann] Re: GNOME MEDIA ADVISORY seems to be going beyond original plans

Hi everyone,

Let me try and clarify what Miguel is proposing, and get more specific.

As we've announced before, there will be 2 press releases  that go out on
Tuesday morning:
- the first one is to announce the creation of the GNOME Foundation.
Everyone (meaning: all the companies and organizations who are joining
the advisory board, and the GNOME steering committee) has signed off on
that one and we are now making final edits;
- the second one is being drafted right now and will be posted on this
list later today (I hope).  That release is going to include the
messaging points that Miguel makes below. It will list specific
contributions of technologies that specific companies are making to
GNOME.  So Red Hat, Eazel, Helix Code and Sun are each making big
contributions of code, and that would be highlighted in this release.  We
are hereby inviting ALL other companies who are contributing technologies
to GNOME, and who wish to do so, to be included in this second press

For the press conference, Miguel is proposing that we similarly have two
parts to it:
- in part 1, Miguel will announce the creation of the GNOME Foundation
and invite all the companies who are on the advisory board to come on
stage and to do 30 second introductions;
- in part 2, Miguel will hit on the messaging points below and invite all
the companies who are contributing specific technologies to GNOME to stay
on stage and talk about the specific contributions they are making to

This is what we are proposing.  I think it'll be a lot easier to continue
this conversation once we have a draft of the second press release, and
hopefully we'll get that done in the next few hours.


Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> Taking the input of everyone, I have fixed up the points of
> discussion for the press conference:
>         1. Main point of the announcement: Key Players join forces to
>             create GNOME Foundation and deliver next generation user
>             environment for PCs, Internet Devices and PDAs.
>         2. Eazel, Helix, Red Hat and Sun (Gnumatic?  Confirmation?)
>            commit to work on the integration of GNOME components, Open
>            Office and GNOME Office.
>         3. The companies involved in this announcement are going to
>            make GNOME better and devote programming resources to make
>            this happen.
>                 How each company involved in the announcement will
>                 help this.
>         5. GNOME technologies will become the standard platform for
>            developing internet devices, embedded systems "dot com"
>            devices, desktop systems, SOHO etc.
>            I know this is a large stretch, but this is a press
> Considerations:
>         1. The Sun backup is the largest backup on such a large
>            project as GNOME ever seen before: the adoption of GNOME
>            for Solaris;  The release of OpenOffice, with their team
>            working in the port to Gtk+ and Bonobo and the integration
>            with Evolution and Nautilus in a total desktop solution is
>            pretty amazing.
>         2. We need to make the most out of this press conference: the
>            companies that are commiting their resources for this
>            shared platform (the 4 above) and the companies joining in
>            an advisory position are a pretty amazing list of
>            companies, and we want to make sure that people realize the
>            importance of this event.
>         3. This is a big chance that GNOME has to become the standard,
>            so again, we want to make sure that we do everything
>            possible to make the biggest impact.
> I just got off the phone and we think that we can make this totally
> awesome.  The idea is basically that the various players that are
> going to deliver the pieces to this unified platform would speak on
> stage about how this is so revolutionary etc etc, which is a different
> format than the one we had before, in which every company will get to
> talk for 3 minutes about their involvement.
> I believe that focusing more on the Big News is important for this
> event.
> Miguel.

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