Re: [fdn-ann] Re: GNOME Foundation press release writes:

> Hi Greg,
> GnuCash, the personal financial manager application that we (Gnumatic
> Incorporated) are developing, seems to be a part of the Gnome Office,
> (not that anyone asked us; I don't really mind other than that I am
> trying to build a brand identity for it, and am trying to derive income
> from it, and being steamrolled into an office suite is marginally scary.).  


I hope no one has given you the impression that it is somehow
mandatory for GnuCash to be part of GNOME Office. This is up to
Gnumatic and the GnuCash developers to decide, (though I am confident
that the GNOME project would welcome it).

> I am certainly unprepared to commit to merging our code into StarOffice; 
> nor have I had any contacts from Sun or anyone else volunteering to do 
> such a merge for us.
> I'm not disinterested. I am in fact shopping for a mini-word-processor
> component that GnuCash could integrate with, thus allowing our 
> customers to design Invoices, Receipts, and all those other boring
> finanical documents.  So I'm all for it, in principle.  
> It would be neat if StarOffice could provide the sort of components and
> modules that I need, but I'm not sure I'm ready to 'adopt it and
> integrate it', sight unseen.

We are trying to be careful to make any language about adopting
StarOffice/OpenOffice vague; we can't really commit to doing any
specific substantive step until the world sees the code, and we see
how well Sun does at working with the community. So far, we only want
to announce that we plan to work together with Sun to try to integrate
things - we are not making promises or trying to shove anything down
the throats of individual maintainers.

If you still feel concerned, I'd be glad to talk to you about this
more by private email, IRC ( or phone
(415.786.9974), or other people here can help clarify.

 - Maciej

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