Re: [fdn-ann] Re: GNOME Foundation press release

Hi Greg,

I'm not sure what you're implying... 

It's been rumoured that Greg Corrin said:
> All,
> The press release announcing the GNOME Foundation should not be confused with
> company specific commitments to the GNOME platform - many of these commitments
> don't involve the initial members of the Advisory board.
> Because several of the proposed additions to the Foundation announce are really
> company commitments, I propose that we have a separate announcement from the
> Steering committee regarding these - and not include them in the foundation
> announce.
> So, in addition to putting quotes on a second sheet, I will subtract company
> specific announcements from the draft of our first release and send out today -

As a company, I'm happy to support the creation of the Gnome Foundation. 
Are you implying that my company will no longer be mentioned in the 
press release?  (Not that I'd ever seen a draft of that, yet?)

> and if there are any more GNOME specific contributions your company will be
> making, please let us know as the steering committee needs to draft a second
> release...

See below:

> > > > Miguel de Icaza <> writes:
> > > >
> > > > >   2. GNOME Foundation adopts Open Office as its productivity
> > > > >            suite to be integrated together with GNOME Office.

AbiWord from Abisource/Sourcegear is a part of the Gnome Office, yet
Abi seems to be missing from the gnome foundation discussions.  Does
Abi support the idea of Star Office being merged with Abi?   
Does anyone care about Abi's opinion on this?

GnuCash, the personal financial manager application that we (Gnumatic
Incorporated) are developing, seems to be a part of the Gnome Office,
(not that anyone asked us; I don't really mind other than that I am
trying to build a brand identity for it, and am trying to derive income
from it, and being steamrolled into an office suite is marginally scary.).  

I am certainly unprepared to commit to merging our code into StarOffice; 
nor have I had any contacts from Sun or anyone else volunteering to do 
such a merge for us.

I'm not disinterested. I am in fact shopping for a mini-word-processor
component that GnuCash could integrate with, thus allowing our 
customers to design Invoices, Receipts, and all those other boring
finanical documents.  So I'm all for it, in principle.  

It would be neat if StarOffice could provide the sort of components and
modules that I need, but I'm not sure I'm ready to 'adopt it and
integrate it', sight unseen.


Linas Vepstas
Gnumatic Incorporated
Developing Open Source for the Financial World

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