Re: [fdn-ann] Re: Draft for review: press event invite

has anyone contacted RMS to see if he wants to be quoted for this
announcement? it was mentioned two conference calls ago, but I don't know
who's action item it became.

Bart Decrem wrote:

> Hi Havoc,
> Excellent.  Thanks for the updates.
> Comments below:
> Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > We want to announce something vague for OpenOffice that doesn't
> >    commit to any specific technical details. For example, "we will be
> >    integrating OpenOffice and GNOME Office into a single office
> >    suite." People are not willing to commit to technical specifics
> >    until we've seen code and talked to engineers. I guess this should
> >    be a press release separate from the foundation release; we would
> >    like to get a chance to see the OpenOffice release before it goes
> >    out.
> Excellent.  Who wants to start drafting that press release?  Does Helix
> Code or Red Hat want to take the lead on this one?   Presumably, this
> announcement will come from the Gnome Steering Committee?
> >  - No one was opposed to making the advisory board open, and we
> >    couldn't remember any mails from people who were opposed, so we
> >    think we should just open it to any company that's interested.
> OK.  I think we should go with Russ' suggestion and allow all the companies
> who are joining the advisory board to have a quote and be on stage.
> >  - We had no opinion on whether to brief certain press members in
> >    advance of the press conference; we were happy to leave this up
> >    to the best judgment of the PR experts working on organizing
> >    the press conference. We can make sure people are available for
> >    interviews as necessary, there's no problem with that.
> OK.  Can someone make a specific proposal on the pre-briefs?
> Bart
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