Re: [fdn-ann] Re: Draft for review: press event invite

Hi Havoc,

Excellent.  Thanks for the updates.

Comments below:

Havoc Pennington wrote:

> We want to announce something vague for OpenOffice that doesn't
>    commit to any specific technical details. For example, "we will be
>    integrating OpenOffice and GNOME Office into a single office
>    suite." People are not willing to commit to technical specifics
>    until we've seen code and talked to engineers. I guess this should
>    be a press release separate from the foundation release; we would
>    like to get a chance to see the OpenOffice release before it goes
>    out.

Excellent.  Who wants to start drafting that press release?  Does Helix
Code or Red Hat want to take the lead on this one?   Presumably, this
announcement will come from the Gnome Steering Committee?

>  - No one was opposed to making the advisory board open, and we
>    couldn't remember any mails from people who were opposed, so we
>    think we should just open it to any company that's interested.

OK.  I think we should go with Russ' suggestion and allow all the companies
who are joining the advisory board to have a quote and be on stage.

>  - We had no opinion on whether to brief certain press members in
>    advance of the press conference; we were happy to leave this up
>    to the best judgment of the PR experts working on organizing
>    the press conference. We can make sure people are available for
>    interviews as necessary, there's no problem with that.

OK.  Can someone make a specific proposal on the pre-briefs?


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