Board of Directors Elections 2017 - Candidacy - Alexandre Franke

Name: Alexandre Franke
Affiliation: none

Foundation members,

Here's my candidacy for a third term as GNOME Foundation director.

During the last term, I served as vice-secretary and if elected this
year I intend to run for secretary or vice-secretary. Taking and
publishing minutes is tedious work that nobody enjoys (that I know of)
but it’s something I’m good at.

We’ve had some issues at times publishing the minutes in time, but
Cosimo and I have worked on that and I believe we shouldn’t slip too
much from now on. I’m interested in continuing to improve the process.

I’ll keep using my extensive event organisation experience to follow
up and give insight on the various ones organised by our community,
and reaching out to people or outside entities to get information the
board needs.

I believe I also bring political and ethical value to the board.
Software freedom, privacy and Internet decentralisation are values I
care a lot about and I put them forward whenever a situation demands
it. I reckon my European mindset adds an important point of view to
the board as well.


Alexandre Franke
GNOME Hacker & Foundation Director

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