Board of Directors Elections 2015 - Candidacy - Tobias Mueller

Name: Tobias Mueller
EMail: tobiasmue gnome org
Affiliation: Huawei

Dear Foundation,

I am throwing my hat in the ring for serving a fourth term on the
Foundation's Board of Directors.

I run for the Board because I have several years of experience now as a
Director and I think it is a good asset for the Foundation.  Even after
three years, I still enjoy my duties.  As someone who is in (computer)
security, I strongly believe in Free Software and GNOME.  As such, I
regularly talk about security, GNOME, or both at conferences and promote
GNOME and Free Software wherever I can.  I think GNOME is in a very good
position to provide users with a safe and secure computation environment
and I think we should market it as such.

Happy voting,

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