Call for hosts for GUADEC 2016

The GNOME Foundation invites proposals to host GUADEC 2016.

GUADEC is the biggest gathering of GNOME users and developers, which
takes place in Europe every year. It includes conference days, the
GNOME Foundation annual general meeting and hacking in a week of
coding and discussion.

Teams wishing to organize GUADEC in their city should discuss their
intent to submit a bid with the board before the 1st of August by
email to board-list gnome org  They should also try to attend GUADEC
2015 in Gothenburg on the 7th-12th August where the board and the
local team will make themselves available to help you figure out what
is involved in organising GUADEC.

The deadline for bid submission will be the 1st of September 2015 by
e-mail to foundation-announce gnome org and board-list gnome org  Bids
should also be uploaded to

Keep in mind that a good location candidate should meet the following criteria:
* easily accessible by plane or train
* motivated local team, preferably with experience in event organisation
* a venue available to host the event
* good options for lunches (catering, student restaurant…)
* affordable accommodation and places to eat in the evening
* space for informal talks and impromptu hacking local industry and
government support

Bids from previous years are available for reference. Also be aware
that while organizing a conference such as GUADEC is a huge
undertaking, people from the GNOME community have been there before
you and will be there to help you. You can find more information at including a How To for writing the bid
and an overview of the kinds of things you should include in the

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with the
foundation board at board-list gnome org 

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