Minutes of the Board meeting of March 20th, 2014

wiki: https://wiki.gnome.org/FoundationBoard/Minutes/20140320

= Minutes for Tuesday, March 20th, 2014, 15:30 UTC =

== Next Meeting ==
 * Tuesday, March 25th, 2014, 16:00 UTC

== Attending ==
 * Andreas Nilsson
 * Marina Zhurakhinskaya
 * Tobias Mueller
 * Joanmarie Diggs
 * Ekaterina Gerasimova
 * Karen Sandler
 * Rosanna Yuen
 * Emmanuele Bassi

=== Regrets ===

=== Missing ===
 * Sriram Ramkrishna

== Board Meeting Agenda ==

 * gnome-software privacy resolution
  * Kat reached out to maintainers by IRC
   * they understand the issue and are happy to either resolve the bug
or revert the sharing setting to "off" by default
   * https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=725912
   * https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=726234
   * the setting was reverted

 * Outstanding reimbursements
  * LibreGraphics/GIMP
   * We have been not keeping up to speed
   * We are also getting involved with more organizations
   * The responsivity should get better when more people can access
the bank account
   * We are still cheaper than any other option, in terms of fees
   * But we need to get better
   * The workflow is still pretty cumbersome for Rosanna
    * It's all based on email
    * It's easy to get lost or overwhelmed
   * The wiki works better
    * We need to get a single page for tracking reimbursements for
organizations that we're holding money for
    * Approvals should also go on the same page
    * We need to keep a record
     * As long as it falls without our remit, we don't really need to vote on it
     * Just minute it
    * Money is tracked in the GNUcash file
    * The process on that is not really great, but there are no great
options out there
    * The board should have a person responsible
    * Either the treasurer or the secretary
    * '''ACTION''': Kat to contact the GIMP developers for allocating
the money for the event at LGM

 * GUADEC 2015 (Italian) bid officially dropped out
  * Gotheburg is the only bid left

 * Upcoming hackfests
  * Developer Experience Hackfest
   * Location officially moved to Berlin
   * Munich was not going to be as cheap
   * New attendees: Zeeshan Ali and Alexandre Franke
   * Addendum to the budget: USD 1000 (total)
   * '''VOTE''': Add USD 1000 to the DX hackfest budget: +1 Marina,
Andreas, Joanie, Tobi; Kat and Emmanuele abstain
   * Voted on the mailing list: advance the sponsorship reimbursement for Sindhu

 * Upcoming events
  * GUADEC 2014
   * Kat reached out to Liberix to transfer leftover funds from GUADEC
2013 to the 2014 organizers
  * GNOME.Asia

 * Travel committee
  * Event organizers are not happy about the new amount of work
  * We are also not great at process
   * Receipt collection
   * Tracking of reimbursements and personal details

== Discussed on the mailing list ==
 * Sindhu asked to get her sponsorship in advance of the DX hackfest
  * '''VOTE''': +1 from Kat, Andreas, Marina, Joanie
 * Request for funding to restock the North American Event Box

== Completed Actions ==
 * Kat will check with the Italian team to verify that they do not
plan to submit a 2015 GUADEC bid
 * Kat will reach out to gnome-software maintainers about privacy
  * Reached out by IRC: maintaners understand the issue and are happy
to either resolve the bug or revert the sharing setting to "off" by
  * Setting is "off" and removed from the UI until 3.14
 * Kat will email Rosanna to make the reimbursement for FOSSAsia and
check the reimburment possibility of the taxi

== Pending action items ==
 * Andreas to put together a GNOME supporter card for our donors
 * Emmanuele to send Zana and Tobi an update on FoG donors gifts
 * Emmanuele to send hackers up for "adoption" the list of donors that
want a postcard
 * Emmanuele to draft a date and time for the post-release meeting
 * Emmanuele to send a proposal to foundation-list about possible IRC meetings
 * Joanie to draft a proposal for the photography policy at GNOME
conferences to discuss on foundation-list
  * Joanie and Karen to meet and discuss about the photography policy
for GNOME events
 * Joanie to go over Michael Schumacher ideas on the Gimp funding
processes and merge them with her ideas on the wiki
 * Kat to create a private wiki page on the web services accounts
holders and passwords
  * Allan and Kat decided to go for a private git account instead for
security reasons
 * Karen to write the Privacy policy for GNOME services
 * Karen to review the agreement for the fund collection in EU
 * Kat to contact the GIMP developers for allocating the money for the
event at LGM
 * Sri to investigate better uses of adsense/adwords on the GNOME websites
 * Tobi to talk to Andrea to move the PayPal data extraction scripts
over to the GNOME infrastructure
 * Marina will follow up with Rosanna on OPW finances update
 * Kat will email the Release Team on behalf of the board to express
the board's concern regarding gnome-software
 * Karen will look at gnome-software privacy issues from a legal standpoint

W: http://www.emmanuelebassi.name
B: http://blogs.gnome.org/ebassi/

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