Minutes of the Board Meeting of March 11th, 2014

wiki: https://wiki.gnome.org/FoundationBoard/Minutes/20140311

= Minutes for Tuesday, March 11th, 2014, 17:00 UTC =
== Next Meeting ==
 * Tuesday, March 20th, 2014, 16:00 UTC

== Attending ==
 * Andreas Nilsson
 * Marina Zhurakhinskaya
 * Tobias Mueller
 * Joanmarie Diggs
 * Sriram Ramkrishna
 * Ekaterina Gerasimova

=== Regrets ===
 * Emmanuele Bassi
 * Karen Sandler
 * Rosanna Yuen

== Board Meeting Agenda ==
 * Privacy issues regarding GNOME Software statistics reporting
  * The GNOME Software statistics configuration moved to GNOME Control Center
  * https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=725912
  * The change to send usage stats to distros by default was intentional
  * Bastien suggested this be explicitly asked/presented to users in
GNOME Initial Setup
  * No further action seems to have taken place
  * Will it be done in time for 3.12?
  * GNOME Software has a policy about how the data will be used:
    * [[https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-software/tree/doc/privacy-policy.html]]
    * But the data collection is not done by GNOME; it is done by distros.
  * Karen was consulted in #board since she is not able to attend
today's meeting
   * She would want to get Bastien's solution in for 3.12
   * Failing that, we should put something in the release notes
  * Conclusions:
   * Users should opt-in
   * Distros should provide their policy privacy to the user
   * Ask the Release Team if we can block against this being added in
GNOME Initial Setup
   * '''ACTION''': Kat will reach out to gnome-software maintainers
   * '''ACTION''': Kat will email the Release Team
   * '''ACTION''': Karen will look at these issues from a legal standpoint
 * SXSW (South by South-West) travel report from Sri
  * Sri and Karen attended
  * Karen had a talk on Friday. While most of the sessions at SXSW
seem to be not very well attended, there was a good amount of press
coming out of it, including an article in Le Monde, in addition to the
SXSW blogpost leading up to it with a very broad readership.
   * Advertised the talk via social media
   * Interest in OPW; another related to the medical field
   * had a GNOME event but it could be organized better, we need to
organize the event well in advance and use multiple ways of
advertising it, including posters and eventbrite.
   * Got a couple of new potential volunteers, and some interest in
the west coast hackfest
   * Promotion of OPW by EFF, Rackspace, and Wordpress. Karen has
several new fundraising leads for OPW.
  * Most people Sri spoke with knew what GNOME was, Free Software, etc.
  * Sri gave an interview that has since appeared in a blog post
   * [[http://evolver.fm/2014/03/08/sxsw-pitivi-aims-to-bring-real-video-editing-to-linux/]]
  * Karen's articles are:
   * [[http://southxmrm.tumblr.com/post/78924379894/today-i-had-a-chance-to-meet-with-the-incredible]]
  * Karen also did a couple of other interviews, including one on
about the remote session with Snowden where usability of free software
was directly discussed.
  * In general, they think it was a really good experience
  * Difference: We are not preaching to a choir at SXSW, but people
are quite savvy
  * Somewhat expensive conference. We need to partner with others like
FSF, KDE, and others. Free Software tent? Karen has talked with people
at a few other companies and orgs about having a free and open
  * If done again: Plan the event further ahead of time and promote it
in fliers distributed around the venue. Maybe a team of people,
perhaps rent a house to save money
 * Outstanding reimbursements
  * Reimbursement of sponsorship for FOSSASIA 2014
   * Kat reviewed the receipts. Only the taxi receipts appear to be missing.
   * '''ACTION''': Kat will email Rosanna to make the payment and
check the reimburment possibility of the taxi.
  * Doc hackfest not yet submitted, but should be done by the end of today
 * Financial follow up on OPW
  * '''ACTION''': Marina will follow up with Rosanna
 * GUADEC 2015 bids and deadlines
  * Oliver Propst submitted a bid on behalf of the Gothenburg GUADEC
2015 organizing committee to both the Board list and the Foundation
Announce list
  * https://mail.gnome.org/archives/foundation-announce/2014-March/msg00007.html
  * This is the only bid received thus far
  * Should we make another announcement, set a deadline, etc.?
  * '''ACTION''': Kat will check with the Italian team to verify that
they do not plan to submit a bid
 * Upcoming hackfests
  * Developer Experience Hackfest
   * Allan has invited David King to join the hackfest ~$350 for
travel + ~270 for accommodations
   * '''VOTE''': Andreas, Sri, Tobi, Joanie, Marina: +1; Kat abstains
   * Venue and date not secured
    * The original venue was not available for the date chosen
    * Options: Change the date and/or the venue
    * May have associated cost changes
  * There might be a French translation hackfest proposal coming soon

 * Upcoming events
  * GUADEC 2014 - no updates; updates expected after the release

 * Update on fund collection in Europe
  * '''ACTION''': Karen will review the agreement

 * Next meeting
  * Tuesday, March 20th, 2014, 16:00 UTC

== Discussed on the mailing list ==

== Completed Actions ==

== Pending action items ==
 * Andreas to put together a GNOME supporter card for our donors
 * Emmanuele to send Zana and Tobi an update on FoG donors gifts
 * Emmanuele to send hackers up for "adoption" the list of donors that
want a postcard
 * Emmanuele to draft a date and time for the post-release meeting
 * Emmanuele to send a proposal to foundation-list about possible IRC meetings
 * Joanie to draft a proposal for the photography policy at GNOME
conferences to discuss on foundation-list
  * Joanie and Karen to meet and discuss about the photography policy
for GNOME events
 * Joanie to go over Michael Schumacher ideas on the Gimp funding
processes and merge them with her ideas on the wiki
 * Kat to create a private wiki page on the web services accounts
holders and passwords
  * Allan and Kat decided to go for a private git account instead for
security reasons
 * Karen to write the Privacy policy for GNOME services
 * Karen and Tobi to continue pursuing the fund collection in Europe
 * Sri to investigate better uses of adsense/adwords on the GNOME websites
 * Tobi to talk to Andrea to move the PayPal data extraction scripts
over to the GNOME infrastructure

W: http://www.emmanuelebassi.name
B: http://blogs.gnome.org/ebassi/

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